27 June 2017

Healthcare laws and Summer brain

Usually I am a news junkie, but I gotta be honest, I've been slacking at keeping up with the world. Partly because the biggest news story that I feel very connected to is, obviously, healthcare. I don't need to call my senators, they're not gonna screw me. Other senators aren't gonna listen to a Californian the way they will a local vote. And while there is some power in numbers, there's a reason they ask where you're from on any petitions, calls, etc. Right now I feel a weird mix of hopeless and full of hope because hey, at least any vote has been delayed due to lack of support. Maybe they'll realize that despite Obama's name being on the current law, people NEED access to healthcare. They could pretty much take Obama's name off of it, add Trump's to the same bill, and make everyone happy'ish. Especially with all of the people who like "ACA" but not "Obamacare".🙄

Also it's summer so my brain has shut down.



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