25 June 2017

Having babies takes a lot of paper...

For those of you who got pregnant naturally, I must admit that I envy your lack of paperwork!

Between IAC and now IVF, I am pretty sure we have killed off a small forest. We had filled out the initial clinic patient forms online. But they say their online form is acting up so they didn't get them (which I believe based on my experiences with it). I finally entered it all again, but printed the screen grabs before moving on so we can also just mail them tomorrow, just in case. The form kept taking me back to the main page mid-form without me clicking on anything. So frustrating. They need a better tech department apparently.

 I also printed my labs and pap and mammogram reports. To send those. I feel like I came close to wiping out the rather full paper tray supply at least. And that's from one rather routine appointment. It looks like the blood typing was canceled. I'd blame Quest as their history of messed up tests is why when given a choice I use LabCorp, but it looks like my OB/GYN just didn't draw enough blood for the tests and the typing both. That'll be easy to take care of once I do the saline ultrasound, I'll have them order that then.

Obviously, if successful, it's totally worth it. But right now it's just a pain. Especially since I did most of the tests a year and a half ago for the adoption physical but the results are only accepted by the clinic for a year. So it's just a reminder of having doing everything twice - tests, waiting, paying. Our Baby savings should be right at what we need in August. Just in time to sneak in at the lower rate, barring any bad test results.



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