07 June 2017

General update

So as part of the IVF/FET I had my Mirena IUD removed last week. A little TMI ahead.  I was not aware that I would start bleeding soon after (in my case two days later).  Apparently it's not even a period but "removal bleeding".  It's very inconsistent and can last days or on and off for a couple of months while your natural hormones kick back in.  It is not fun.  It seems to be worse if I move around a lot, especially the cramping.  I'm usually good at listening to my body but when it's saying it's much better, I think it means it.  NOPE.  But actually the worst part is the fatigue.  It's pretty severe.   I have MS and my two main symptoms are tingling nerves (if you say you're all tingly inside, I assume you mean in pain and numb and just yucky) and fatigue.  My worst MS days back when it was all new and I wasn't used to it were not this bad.  The fatigue of coming off of the IUD hormones, at least for me, is pretty severe. Most say it lasts a week.  Tomorrow will be a week since the symptoms started and I am starting to feel a little better.  It's just hard to stay mellow and inactive.

We did re-schedule our first call with the IVF/FET clinic for next week.   We do need to do a few more things down here, mainly a saline ultrasound and we need to have a meeting with a counselor about what it means to have a child from a donor embryo (actually we probably won't do that locally, but with someone that does Skype sessions and works with the clinic's patients often).

I did talk to my neurologist's office about flushing my MS meds (Aubagio) as they can cause birth defects so I need to get my body down to under a certain level of it in my system.  They wanted to wait until a little closer to the time I start any meds I will need for the FET as some people apparently naturally flush it rather quickly after stopping taking it while other take a year or longer.  They don't want to put me through the process (basically how they treat overdoses) if I don't need it.

Trying not to beat myself up with everything going on, making even my lightweight FitBit goals has not always happened.  Hopefully next week I'll be over all of this and can get back to normal.



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