23 June 2017

A win and a phone call.

So I woke up today, logged into Facebook and saw my name tagged on a giveaway post being run by Diaper Junction.  I won this  Buttons cover (Rosebud print) with a hemp insert.

So that was a good way to start the day.

Then we had our third attempt at the initial phone call with the clinic we are using. And yes, the third time was a charm.

I knew most of what she said.  A few things I had not known.  So let's outline what I know now:

They do 3 attempts using 1 or 2 double donor untested embryos.  Or they have a more expensive option also 3 attempts, where they use 1 tested embryo.  The price of their standard program is going up in September but if my tests are all done by then and the doctor decides we're good to go, we can pay in advance to lock in the current rate.

I do know I need a saline ultrasound but she said to wait for my call with the doctor since I did just have a hormone based IUD removed in May.  He'll let me know when I should be testing with that factored in.

May or may not need a letter from my neurologist because I have MS.  But my neuro office already okayed me getting pregnant and did support me stopping my MS meds (staying on them would be dangerous for the baby).  So I am not too worried about that.  They were very supportive through our natural attempts to get pregnant, the adoption attempt, and now this.

We do still need to schedule a meeting with a therapist but we already knew that and based on the others who have gone through this we already figured out who we will use.  Just need to see what hubby's schedule is like so we can arrange it.

They did say that race is the only criteria they can promise but that's no big deal for us.  They do take into account your build and pictures of you, but honestly we're cool with whatever match feels right.  We're not one of those couples who wants a specific gender or who feels like our kid must appear to have our hair or eyes or whatever.  I am a total white girl while my dad was Hispanic.  It's just not an issue for us that our baby be a perfect match.  They'll know all that we know about their history.

She said if we transfer two embryos there is a 50/50 chance of twins and pregnancy.   Two is the most they will transfer at one time.

Assuming the doctor is okay with my lab results and the saline ultrasound, we'll start getting profiles. She said a match is usually made with 1-3 months.

So the next step is a call with the doctor.  The saline ultrasound.  And the therapist.  Assuming all of that comes back fine, we could be doing the transfer within I dunno 4 months maybe?  Feeling more hopeful than I have in awhile so hopefully my body will cooperate with the last of the tests!



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