31 May 2017

More on the Fitbit + IVF/FET call...

Today was supposed to be our initial call with the FET clinic.  Not sure what happened but the lady we were to have the phone meeting with said she would call us on my cell # at 2pm.  They sort of have a rep for being too busy, overworked, etc and so people who have used them have warned me not to panic if communication isn't the best.  By 3, we gave up and sent her a message asking if she needs to reschedule.  Got an automated reply saying she was on vacation until today.  Hopefully we can re-schedule for Friday.  If not, it'll end up having to be a conference call as hubby is back to work next week.   Only just did my Pap and bloodwork yesterday.  Tomorrow is the boob squishing mammogram.  Luckily we know we cannot do a transfer for at least a few months while meds exit my system, otherwise this failed call might bug me more than it does.

Still using the Fitbit every day.  Today is probably the first day I won't hit my calories burned goal.  Kind of sat around on the couch doing nothing while waiting for the call.  Plus my body is ready for a lazy'ish day.  I went from almost no activity, to trying to meet my initial goal every day.  Still trying to get my steps in, just not pushing myself very hard today.  I've discovered that when I am doing stuff it's easiest to reach my hourly goals if I just wait for the 10 minute to the hour warning and walk for 10 minutes, then keep going 5 minutes to get a 15 minute walk workout in.  It also means I won't get the next warning until the end of the next hour.  Kinda feels like "cheating" doing it this way but I get my hourly steps for two hours and workout walks out of the way all at once.

Still struggling to meet the calorie burned goal daily while the other goals I hit early.  That calories burned I tend to get right before midnight.



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