24 May 2017

Just got a Fitbit

2 1/2 days into using my new Fitbit Flex 2 (affiliate link). Though I really need to lose weight, I decided not to be stupid. I know "they" all seem to say 10k+ is the goal. But I have MS, keep gaining then losing then gaining again with med changes, etc. I don't expect my fitness goals to fall within the norm.

I did two days of 10k steps and couldn't do anything else the rest of the week. So I started with goals that were more realistic for me. 7,500 steps. 30 active minutes. 8 hours for the move notifications. Monday doesn't count since It wasn't even really half a day, it got here late afternoon and needed to be charged. Yesterday I did over 10k steps, moved all 8 hours, and a 1 hour walk for the active minutes though it didn't recognize it as a walk for some reason. I had it off several hours today to pinkify my hair without pinkifying the Fitbit so today is a little off but I did get 47 active minutes, which it did detect as a walk. Missed 1 of the 8 active hours though honestly had I been wearing it, I think I would have had at least the minimum of 250 steps. Will probably end the day just above the 7500 step goal.

I think I set goals I can hit every day. Doing more will just be a bonus on good days.



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