24 May 2017

Just got a Fitbit + Family stuff

2 1/2 days into using my new Fitbit Flex 2 (affiliate link). Though I really need to lose weight, I decided not to be stupid. I know "they" all seem to say 10k+ is the goal. But I have MS, keep gaining then losing then gaining again with med changes, etc. I don't expect my fitness goals to fall within the norm.

I did two days of 10k steps and couldn't do anything else the rest of the week. So I started with goals that were more realistic for me. 7,500 steps. 30 active minutes. 8 hours for the move notifications. Monday doesn't count since It wasn't even really half a day, it got here late afternoon and needed to be charged. Yesterday I did over 10k steps, moved all 8 hours, and a 1 hour walk for the active minutes though it didn't recognize it as a walk for some reason. I had it off several hours today to pinkify my hair without pinkifying the Fitbit so today is a little off but I did get 47 active minutes, which it did detect as a walk. Missed 1 of the 8 active hours though honestly had I been wearing it, I think I would have had at least the minimum of 250 steps. Will probably end the day just above the 7500 step goal.

I think I set goals I can hit every day. Doing more will just be a bonus on good days.

I had only been using this blog for crafty stuff. But I haven't been very crafty lately. So I might mix it up with more personal blogs. We were working with an adoption agency for the last two years. They went bankrupt rather abruptly this year. So we've had a rather large financial set back, not to mention the years lost as we're older for parents. We are currently looking into Frozen Embryo Transfer using donor embryos. We had skipped the IVF route because of my age and the costs vs the chances of succeeding. Really thought adoption was the safe route. Now that it feels as big of a gamble as IVF and is so much more expensive, we're leaning towards FET as our last chance to become parents. We may consider fostering if this doesn't work out. I don't really think I have the kind of strength that having kids come and go requires. But if this fails, we'll definitely see where we are then. Our first talk with the FET clinic is next week. Obviously as I mentioned above I have a current and former medical history that may play into this. My neurologist wasn't too concerned with the idea of me getting pregnant a few years ago, so we'll see if the clinic feels as secure about my health being able to handle it. Fingers crossed.



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