29 May 2017

First week with the FitBit

Okay so I totally splurged on myself to go with the FitBit splurge.  Got these Gaiam walking weights (Affiliate link) last night.  Already love and hate them. Just using them last night and today my arms are already screaming "Walking was easier before you decided to torture us" at me.   Probably should have started at the lower weight set but didn't want to have to buy two sets, so torture it is.

So far I am meeting or beating my step goal so I think 7,500 was a good starting goal for me.  Lowest I hit last week was 8,032 and the highest was 12,866.  Average was 10,311.  Am finding the hardest goal for me is calories burned.  I am eating less than I am putting out, sometimes barely, sometimes by enough to end up in the under category instead of in zone.  But still meeting the burn goal is me ending up just under or just over.  Barely.  *shrug*. Also water is tough.  I either get just under or just barely over.  I have a wimpy bladder, feels like it's gonna burst.  Today is the first day I feel like getting the steps may be a struggle.  I feel like I am overheating today (a big no no with MS).  We'll see.



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