04 March 2017

Sun and mooon graphghan

 Haven't posted this as the blogger iOS app doesn't exist anymore, and so rarely at computer (and when I am, I forget to update this).  So here's the first crochet blanket I made.  First big project.  First graphghan.  Etc etc.  My mom loves / collects sun faces, so I bought a pattern on Artfire.com.  I would have liked to make my own pattern from one of the sun faces she's painted but as you can see from the on a twin bed size reference photo, I barely finished enough to send it by Christmas.

Would have liked to add enough border to make it a true twin, but settled on it'll be more like a lap blankie for the couch.

She was loved it enough, last I heard she was debating whether or not she'd use it or hang it on the wall as art.  That's win enough for me.



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