04 March 2017

Practicing tatting

 Am supposed to be working on two graphghans for Christmas which was going to be a stretch but I was being good and really working on them everyday.  Then a slight disaster hit that has my head not into following anything, especially not a detailed pattern.  But needed some crafty therapy so I picked up the tatting needle to try again.  Also picked up the tatting shuttle again.  I'm still going to practice with it, but I think the needle is how I shall tat.  the shuttle may get your work a little tighter but because I am so much faster and better at needle tatting, it's not worth the difference.  In fact, I think my needle tatting just looks better even though in theory shuttle should.  Shuttle feels like work to me.   I have no shuttle tatting to show as it takes me about 10 minutes to make a small ring and chain then I give up.

Anyway... the necklace with the rose ended up being a little too big, oops.  But still wanted a pic of it.  It was tatted with yarn instead of the usual crochet cotton.

Then it was let's tat with beads.  Probably not the best thread for it.  Too big for a pendant really since it was size 10 crochet cotton. Don't have many threads to practice with and what I do have is mostly yarns and size 10.  Sooo.... Again, even though I have no idea what to do with it, still liked it.  First thing I made without a pattern (did copy a picture though).

And finally tatted around a piece from my beading collection.  Hadn't figured out what to do with them so decided to test tatting around something. Two different sizes of thread (Dark purple is 10, light purple is 3).



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