04 December 2016

Zenni Optical

So this year I decided it was time to go visit the eye doctor.  My vision isn't bad overall, but the fine print up close up reading stuff is starting to get to me and as a migraine sufferer, that is not a good thing. Turns out I do have the need for a very very minor RX in one eye.  Minor astigmatisms in each eye.  Essentially what I need is one step above from what you get at the drug store.

I went with just whatever they had at the eye doctor.  Nothing really thrilled me but it did allow me to use my insurance benefits and I found a pair that I liked enough even if I didn't love them.   Then I figured I'd investigate for a backup pair later when I realized that there are cheap alternatives, like Zenni Optical online.  Weak RX or not, I hadn't found anyone I know who had used them to vouch for them at the time of my appointment and frankly I wanted me eye doctor's office to verify that I had the right glasses with me.

Let's compare shall we?

This pair is the pair I selected at my eye doctor's office.  They are Kate Spade frames.
The total retail price was $363
The total price my insurance approved was $353
My share was $217
Of the $217 that I paid the breakdown is as follows:
$64 frames
$128 AR Anti-glare lenses
$25 "material co-pay"

They came with a pink and orange hard case and a pretty standard grey cloth for wiping them.  I am not gonna lie, the case is super cute.  Not worth the price difference between the two pairs cute, but I do prefer this case to the Zenni case.

I like that they are a pretty light weight plastic.

Don't like that they seem to collect prints and the like really easily.  I only use them for reading and had no idea I was touching the lenses but they do get dirty really fast despite paying for the top of the line lenses.

The style is neutral for me.  I like them.  They look fine.  Run of the mill though.  Pretty much 25% of the frames looked like them and was just a matter of finding ones that fit my face.

  This is is the pair that I got from Zenni.

The total retail cost was $58.35
I bought them during their Black Friday sale so I actually paid $48.17
Of that $48.17 the breakdown is as follows:
$35.95 Frame
$14.95 AR Anti-glare lenses
$7.45 shipping (I went with the second fastest shipping option)
-20% Black Friday sale

They came with a transparent green hard case (as I already mentioned I prefer the Kate Spade case but this one is fine and will protect your glasses just fine in a bag) and a larger cloth that is beach scene on one side and Zenni ad on the other side.

The only dislike is that the plastic feels like a bit of a harder plastic.  A little less give.  That kind if plastic always feels like it can crack or break easier to me, but I mean it's still all plastic.  That's just a personal preference.  I still like them and if you treat your glasses with the kind of care that you should, they should be fine.

I love the lenses more than my Kate Spade ones.  They seem to actually repel things better.  Breathe on them?  It instantly defogs.  That is not the case with the ones from my doctor's office.  They require cleaning less often.

I also love that they had a wider selection of styles than my local office did.  My doctor's office might have had more actual frames, maybe(?), but they were all so identical.  Zenni had more unique frame styles overall.  I wanted that vintage look and didn't want to have to go buy older vintage frames as many as smaller and not a good fit for my face the way modern styles are.

I told my hubby that when it's time for him to redo his RX, I think he should skip the big brands and just head straight to Zenni.  I was leery of going that route but the RX does seem to match perfectly.  Which brings me to my one real complaint -- As I said my RX is pretty weak aka single vision or readers.  When I went to enter my RX it is not really clear on the prescription page but that means entering your RX differently.  It is explained in the FAQ but if you just jump into oh hey, here's where I enter my RX, this IS easy?  You will have a problem.  I also found the instructions in the FAQ a bit confusing as the text instructions said one thing and the image that showed the math (yes there is math - basic math, but math none the less) showed you dividing things as well as adding and subtracting things.  What?  The text didn't say that.  So I used the live chat and let their experts tell me what my numbers should be.  I feel like they should just automate that.

Someday I'd like to get some of these vintage cat eyes in sunglasses (being readers I don't need RX sunglasses but they do offer most frames as sunglasses rx or not).

Knowing what I know now, I probably would have skipped the Kate Spades and bought two of three pairs of Zennis for the same price.   But eh, first pair paranoia and all, can't blame me for being overly cautious.

It should be noted that they do not bill insurance.  Your insurance company may or may not allow you to buy glasses and invoice them.  That would be on you to figure out.  I have had to do that with medical insurance before and it's not always pleasant.  And they may not even allow it.  But again, the price without insurance was a lot less than my share with insurance so depending on how tight money is, you might find that it's not worth the hassle.

This post is not sponsored.  I bought the glasses on my own - both the Kate Spade's and the Zennis.  But if you want to try Zenni Optical and haven't yet, I do have a referral code (I'll get a few $ toward my next frames if you order your first frames using this link).  Even if you don't use my link, I'd still recommend them... seriously.    But if you are curious and want to get me the referral if you decide to order, then by all means please click  HERE.   They should have an offer for you, but I think it changes so I don't want to say what it is, just in case...



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