10 June 2016

Mandalas to Crochet (Book Review)

I bought Mandalas to Crochet because I was drooling over some crochet mandalas online.

What I expected: gorgeous mandalas, preferably some with the fancy overlay look.

What the book actually is: some pretty designs and some filler.

The prettiest design is one called "vintage vibes" and while not the fanciest design ever, it still definitely met my expectations. If the book were full of designs like that one, it'd be 5 stars.

Unfortunately there's more than a few that are simple flat circles. In skimming, a few times I found myself asking didn't I already see this? While it turned out there were minor stitch differences they still felt repetitive. So too, the designs using very small circles felt unnecessary - the kind of thing anyone who just learned to crochet would do on their own.

Overall: while I do feel like a few patterns were a waste of space that should have been put to better use, this is an okay book. It has both charts and written instructions for every design. They're clear and easy to read. Most should be simple enough for beginners. You wouldn't be ashamed of anything you made out of this book, though more than a few you probably don't even need a pattern for. The more open pieces (vs just flat, round, and striped) are really pretty.

This is the first mandala I created from the book.  Any goofs are mine and not the fault of the book.  Also, I have a cat helper, so... there's that.



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