17 June 2016

It's summertime...

So summer in California means FREAKING HOT.  Having MS in FREAKING HOT weather = not so good.  Since we just moved from a place with central air to a place with a one room hotel style unit? And we moved a little more inland?  Yeah I'm more than a little anxious about that.  So I researched cooling towels.

There seems to be no in-between with these.  People either swear by the or swear claim they're a scam.

I decided to go with the lowest price one that I could find with what seemed to be a high number of legitimate reviews.  That ended up being the Ergodyne Chill-Its® 6602 Evaporative Cooling Towel.  I got it in orange.  It appears to be the more common material for these towels.  And that material feels pretty similar to a yoga mat.  Wearing a doll/kid sized yoga mat is around your neck is not really the most comfortable thing ever but...

Once I started using it, the fact that it was yoga mat-like  drifted away.  After following the directions and activating it with warm water?  Surprisingly cool.  I am not using it outside until I have to.  As of now I can only say that it lasted me 3 hours inside.  At that point I did re-wet it but the ends of it were still pretty cool.  I get the most benefit from it at the back of my neck so once that dried up?  It didn't matter to me that some was still cool, it was time to re-activate it.

Because this was right around $8 at Amazon I can see myself buying more of these the next time I have family coming down.  We end up at places like Disneyland or Universal Studios for hours, if not all day.  That means fighting over the water misting personal fan.  I feel like, while I wouldn't get rid of that fan, these would definitely help a lot.

I do want to, at some point, try the Mission Enduracool towel as it seems like more of a tradtional  fabric.  It's also a bit more expensive.  And the more I look at them, the more I think I might someday get the Mission Multi-cool (I like that its a solid tube so it'd be around my neck instead of hanging down + could be pulled up over my hair).  Not sure I really need it since I have the Ergodyne one.  The fabric is the only thing tempting me to buy a Mission one... We'll see.  I'm just glad this one arrived in time for the heat.  Heat is no joke for more folk.  For those of us with illnesses that are affected by the heat it's even more serious.  Stay cool this summer!

*UPDATE*  I did try the mission Multi-cool.  While more comfy that the Ergodyne Chill-Its, I found it to be a waste of money as it doesn't keep me nearly as cool as the Chill-Its did.



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