04 April 2016

Colored mechanical pencils

So I was attempting to organize some of my art/craft supplies (plastic shoe boxes are my best friends right now) and I found a container of blue leads for mechanical pencils.  That got me thinking - I've seen standard leads and blue leads and red leads, where are the other colors?  I mean, I wasn't expecting varying shades as you'd find in more standard colored pencils, but there had to be more than standard lead, red, and blue.  

Turns out there are a few, though most arts and craft stores don't seem to carry them.  I found this Pilot color Eno - 8 pencil set and this set of replacement leads.  You could obviously buy just the leads (.7mm) if you already have .7 pencils but I like the idea of having their own matching colored pencils instead of constantly swapping them out of the one or two pencils I have in that size. 
The violet and blue leads are the most vibrant.  Red and orange are both a bit paler than I'd expected, but are still quite useable especially if you don't mind using some pressure (don't have too much lead out when applying extra pressure, you don't want to break it) and/or going over the color a few times.

After ordering those I also found this Pentel Pencil Lead Holder and Lead Set, which immediately made its way to my wish list.  Much like the trusty classic 4 color Bic pen, this lead holder holds 8 (2mm) leads of various colors at once and then you select which color you want to use.  Had I found this one first I probably would have ordered it instead of the Pilot Eno set and lead replacements. As it is, I did just order it even though I probably should have been good.  Couldn't resist.



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