21 March 2016

Graphghan WIP

I decided to go all in with crochet and make my first big project not just a blanket but a graphghan.  If you don't know what that is, it's where you take a graph pattern like those used for cross stitch or beadwork and use it and the pattern to crochet an afghan with a picture on it.

I actually don't find it very complicated except you need about a billion yarn bobbins (slight exaggeration) and the bobbins will find the way to tangle around every other bobbin, especially when your helper is a cat.

My project started out looking like this:
I realized I'd never want to work on it if I was constantly untangling that mess.  Some recommend plastic craft clips but those tend to be expensive for how many I'd need.  So I went the cheapo route and bought binder clips.  So now my project looks like this:

I finally want to work on it again!  So does my cat...



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