30 October 2015

Yarn Subscription boxes -

I have just started to crochet.  Yarn is expensive.  I bought some of the standard cheapie stuff to start out with (if you do anything with yarn, you can guess what kind of yarn that is - rough, but still available in some nice colors).  The prices of the nicer stuff is scary, especially as a newbie.  So I searched because there had to be some of those monthly subscription boxes for yarn.  There were.

The first one that I found was YarnBox.  They have a few different options -
- $19.99 + shipping gets you their Sock box -- a skein or two each month and a pattern
- $36.95 + shipping get you their classic option which guarantees at least 2 full skeins a box and the usual things a subscription box of this style would have - patterns, maybe some goodie extras, coupons, etc.
- $69.95 + shipping gets you their luxe box.  It seems to be every three month and doesn't really tell you what to expect beyond the luxury yarns that most people don't have in their usual budget.

Yarn box seems fine but as a newbie crocheter, I wasn't sure it was for me.  The classic seemed the   best option but $40 a month for a couple of skeins when I'm not sure what to do with most stuff yet, eh...

The next one that I found was KnitCrate.  They have a much wider range of plans from a $16.50 mini crate that includes 30 yards of fingering weight yarns to a $59 Indie hand dyed luxury package.  Theirs include shipping.  As someone who has no interest in knitting, their package that appeals to me most is the standard KnitCrate at $49 a month.  Still a bit much for something I'm not sure will work for me.  And these tend to target Knitters.  I've tried knitting.  I am not meant for it.  I want my craftiness to be fun and relaxing.  Knitting made me want to throw things, I'm just not that coordinated.

Then I stumbled upon the Darn Good Yarn Yarn Club.  Also mostly targeted at knitters but with a focus more on the yarn and less on the pattern and extras... this could work.  I was a little leery because there don't seem to be many unboxings or reviews.  But hey, it's $19.99+shipping.  I found it the day after my birthday so, what the heck I'll chance it for one box - a bday present to myself.  If I don't like it, cancel.

I just received my first package (November 2015).  They guarantee at least two full skeins though this month was a special test run of yarn, so I got 4 in my first package, yay!  Picture to the left.

Two of the skeins are a recycled silk yarn.  It reminds me of twine, if twine were made of silk and were soft instead of rough.  One skein has a much wider range of colors throughout while the other skein is a lot of what I would call a natural color and red, and you don't see a lot of other colors until you get to the center, then it too is a mix of vibrant colors.    This would be a great general craft yarn beyond knitting/crochet.  I could see it as trim on a card or in a journal.

The other two skeins, which I believe to be the bonus skeins for the month, are a a sock yarn.  They say that each skein makes one sock.  I'm no knitter so I'll take their word for it.  The colors are awesome.  I'd probably actually pick those colors for myself.  Just not sure I'm ready to brave such fine yard with crochet.  It might be awesome for a needle tatted necklace though.

So while I cannot judge KnitCrate or YarnBox, I can say that the one Darn Good Yarn Yarn Club box that I got was good enough for me to try another month.  And it's one of the cheaper options - BONUS.  Great way to build a stash when starting out.  Or at least supplementing your cheap newbie stuff with nicer yarns.



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