11 July 2015

Craft desk organization

So I have been wanting to mega organize my desk.  About 80% of my crafty supplies are things like pens, pencils, brushes, crochet hooks, etc.  Stuff that just gets all jumbled in plastic tubs.  I fell madly in love with a pinterest solution - stackable wine racks.  This allows you lots of storage in a semi small space and everything in the cups would be easily accessible.  So while at Pier 1 looking for furniture, I picked up two of these:

What the pinners often fail to tell you is that basically no cups fit in these racks.  The best I found so far are the types of cups that I believe are 32 oz and a softer plastic generally seen as collector cups at places like movie theaters and amusement parks. I only have one or two of those, so I still needed more cups that would fit.  While sitting here staring the racks and it hits me: oh, hey the cleaning wipes container!  Perfect fit (and perfect pencil/marker container even without the rack).  I might have to stock up on cleaning supplies so that I can finally use my wine rack desk organizer ;)



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