21 May 2015


So when I decided I wanted to learn to tat last year (thanks Pinterest), I bought these Clover Tatting Shuttles.  While I am not the most coordinated person on the planet, I did figure out how to make a ring and make a chain, even picots.  Thing is the tutorials I found that really made things clear were all different.  Use two shuttles for a ring.  One for a chain.  Use the ball of thread connected.  Don't use the ball of the thread.  Putting it all together was so confusing.

I didn't want this to be like my attempts to knit and crochet AKA total failure.  So I kept watching videos and looking at pictures.  I realized needle tatting might be easier for me.  Needle tatting needles aren't the easiest or cheapest needles to find so before making the purchase, I grabbed some general craft needles from my desk.  Those needles are way shorter than tatting needles but they are long enough to see if you can figure out chains, rings, and picots.  Seemed much easier so I ordered the Handy Hands 3-Piece Tatting Needles Set.

I was immediately making rings and chains and linking them.  Nearly perfect picots.  Yay!  I'd say I moved from beginner to intermediate real quick.  Still, I envied people working with smaller threads.  I only made it to intermediate with size 10 crochet cotton.  I can actually make a much tighter ring using a needle than I can with the shuttles.  When I get to the size 20 thread though... *sigh*  It gets messy then.  I've found my rings look much better on the shuttle.   Maybe it's just me that needs to figure out both needle and shuttles, but it really does seem one if awesome for size 10 crochet thread or thicker (they have needles for up to yarn sizes).

I've decide to go with shuttles that have bobbins for practicing because I get a little crazy - trying this size, that size, this color... but with shuttles that's tougher to do as I only have two shuttles.  With a needle you can just pull the work off the needle, play with something else and then switch back again.  Shuttles you tend to wrap a fair amount of thread on them and then are sort of stuck.

So next up I'll be trying the Aerlit Tatting Shuttles With 2 Bobbins.   Hopefully I figure it out this time.  I did finally work out that you really either needle two shuttles that share a thread or to leave the ball of thread attached.   It would have been nice to know that earlier.  Darn those videos just showing you how to make a ring on the one shuttle and the chain with two.    A good page for seeing the different types of tatting can be found here.  If I improve using either methods, I'll post pics later.  For now all I've done was already posted here and was done with a needle.



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