05 March 2015

My current project...

So I got this: Cosco The Avery Line 4-Shelf Open-Front Cube Storage Changing Table, Dark Cherry Finish for free for review.  No we don't need a changing table but I think the cube design will be perfect for storing things in the living room).  Haven't put it together to review it yet because it is my current decoupage project.  I figured it's be easier to to the placing and gluing and varnishing on flat pieces rather than the completed piece (my hubby has asked if I'm being smart enough to avoid covering the screw holes)...

Started today and only got two pieces of the wood covered.  Yes, that's a lot of comics but fear not -- I used the giant modern reproduction books and did not cut any old comics up.  It might also be taking awhile as I'm reading as I go / cut.  I think it's looking good my first serious decoupage project.

Close up with the edge piece next to it (probably won't do anything to those fancier edge pieces).

First section glued down with Mod Podge and light top coat.  Still needs the varnish top coat.


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