23 January 2015

Crafting with Christmas gifts

I received the Ricks Beading Loom for Christmas along with some beads and  a gift card to Fire Mountain Gems.  I bought myself a few loom patterns from Loom Tomb on Etsy.

Here's what I've been doing with them:

First time using a cabochon, so I practiced with a chipped one.
A ring pattern I found online.  Didn't use ideal thread for it, so need to redo it.

First time using the Ricks Beading Loom.  Hadn't used a loom since I was a kid.  This one is different in that you only use one thread as the warp thread (the thread wrapped on the loom).  This is good as you then don't have 10s or 100s (if you're braver than I) of threads to work in at the end of your projects.  Instead you have one or two.  The bad about this is that you need to know your exact project size before you start as you cannot adjust it as you go.


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