09 December 2014

Finding my craft

I like being crafty but finding the craft that feels like my craft has just not happened thus far.   I did cross stitch for awhile before growing bored with it.  I did some chainmail for awhile before my hands said nope.  A miscellaneous craft here, a miscellaneous craft there.  Although I am a total newbie at the moment, I think Needle Tatting could become my craft.    Still, I'll try other crafts that I stumble upon if they appeal to me, hence today's mail.  Soutache cord from  Etsy seller: BazarDekoracji.    After watching soutache tutorials on YouTube, I knew I had to at least try the craft.  I discovered there aren't many retailers that deal with soutache cords here in the U.S. as it seems to be a much more popular craft elsewhere.  So of course, I ran to Etsy to search.  Actual attempts at projects will probably have to wait until after the holidays.  December is always a crazy month.  Hubby's work tries to finish up projects.  Hubby has volunteer work.  Our anniversary.  I really don't have the beads I'd want to practice (really only have seed beads on hand where I'd want some larger beads to play with).  Once life and the finances of the season settle down, this is what's next in the must try department.  Until then I'll be practicing tatting some more.



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