03 August 2014

Girlie stuff, including freebies.

So I mostly took a break from practicing tatting this week due to too many things to name but defective fire alarms, fridge dying, hand issues, etc might have played a role in my slackerdom.  I did find other ways to spend my time - online window shopping for girlie items (people who squirm at words like: period, cramps, menstrual cups, etc should probably go away for now, sorry).

A few months ago I decided to try a menstrual cup.  After asking around online, I decided to give the Si-Bell a shot.  It's Italian and not readily available in the U.S. so I ordered it from the UK.  My first days with it were a challenge.  There's different folds to get the darn thing in you, there's leaks, there was me thinking I just wasted some money.  Months later I do occasionally still have those moments. I think it's because the Si-Bell is fairly soft and my body is fairly difficult any chance it gets.  Trying to open it is either super easy or "I hope you've got an hour to sit on the toilet while I consider getting into place and opening for you" tough.  I decided I should probably find an alternative cup that is a little firmer for those tricky days...

Then I got sidetracked by fabric pantyliners.  I know, I know, GROSS!  I kind of feel that way about pads - disposable or fabric.  I hate pads.  Pantyliners though, eh, they're mostly just back up and daily waste.   I don't mind trying those in fabric but some can be spendy and who knows if I will like them.  But oh look, several of the bigger names in this market offer freebies (you do pay shipping).

The first I found was Party in my Pants aka PIMPS (yeah some people might get all blech over that name, but I don't mind it) and I now have a $3.99 sample on the way.  Although they're kind of spendy  compared to some I have found, I kind of hope I love them.  They appear to be quite thin and yet absorbent.   I'll gladly pay a few extra bucks to stock up if they're all I hope them to be.

Next up is GladRags - their shipping + handling costs are a little more than the PIMPS but still pretty decent at $5.95.  After going around and ordering nearly free pantyliners, I realized I might want a small pad for cup backup on heavy days, so this brand intrigues me in that their pads are pockets so you can add inserts if you need more protection.  The pantyliner won't tell me if this is useful as it doesn't have the inserts option, but if I like the liner I'll be more inclined to try their small pads.

Finally was Luna Pads - shipping on this one was $5, my understanding is they also send you a $5 off coupon for your next purchase -- so if you like them you basically get that $5 back though you'll be spending it at their store.  The idea of their pads fascinates and terrifies me.  The liner is your standard cloth liner.  Their pads are made the same way but with straps toward the front and back of the pad area where you can add liners.  If the quality of the liner is good, I might try a small pad but that front strap is right where I tend to need coverage -- so I am really back and forth over that concept.  We'll see if I fall in love with the liner enough to try a small pad.

And about the time I got done searching for these freebies, MeLuna sent me an email announcing that their cups are now in the USA and they're having a giveaway on FB.

I'll make another girlie posts once these items arrive and I have something to say about them besides "Go get your freebies!"



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