24 February 2014

Image transfer using Chartpak blender

In the past I've tried this with Mod Podge which gives very dark results but feels plastic'y and is tough to do.  

Then I tried with Citra Solv Natural Cleaner which gives a soft/ no plastic feel / slightly faded result - loved it but you really have to put serious effort into rubbing it with a spoon to get the transfer to stick (all of these methods are basically the same -- print your image as a mirror image of what you want since it will be transferred -- place the printout ink-side to the fabric you want to print on -- cover the image with the transfer method you've chosen -- rub over the image carefully -- in the case of Mod Podge there is drying time and rubbing away the paper as well).  

I saw a post about using Chartpak Blender Markers - same results as Citrasolv but took way less effort to get it to stick.  I didn't tape down the Supermarionation one so got some blurred spots - the text on the Tardis was small and didn't transfer well but overall, this is now my fave method of transfer even though it is way stinkier than citrasolv.

 If curious, you can my CitraSolv / Mod Podge reults here



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