26 January 2014

Time to try tatting

I feel like I must learn a thread / yarn type of craft.  Well, one besides cross stitch which I lost interest in years ago.  I tried crochet and failed.  I can get a basic chain going and then I just lose track of what the heck to do.  I tried knitting and didn't even get a basic chain going.   Using the Martha Stewart Crafts Lion Brand Yarn Knit and Weave Loom Kit, I did at least manage to knit a square but ended up preferring to weave and bored of that quickly.

 Yeah, I'm just not cut out for these things. My hands and brain do not connect with what I should be doing at all. I have not given up though. I bought these Clover Tatting Shuttles. Tatting, making lacy designs, that one I will do! And I did. Sort of. I learned to do the double stitch, the picot, the chain, and the ring. That is all you need to know to make something, right? Wrong. Some of those use one shuttle, some two. I found lots of clear details on doing each separately, but not so much so for putting it all together -- going from rings to chain to picot to ring... Fail. While looking I ran into a needle tatting video. That showed clearly how to connect things. I had a needle that was way too fat and short but I figured I'd try using that anyway and bingo! With a longer needle meant for the thread I was using? I think I can get that. Needless to say I have now ordered this tatting needle set.. Hopefully soon I will be tatting up a storm. Hopefully. It's about time I get a win over threads and yarns!



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