11 May 2013


So I have totally failed at crochet and knitting.  I am a big enough woman to admit this fact.  I have issues with my hands. I watch the instructional videos and think "AHA! I get this one" Then I go to try it and eh, somehow between my brain and my hands something gets lost or my hands just cannot cooperate. Or the instructions on other videos just aren't clear enough.  I wasn't going to give up though, nooooo.  Yarn crafts seemed like they'd be ideal for me. Frustration or not, I was moving forward. Also my cat loved me attempting them -- heck she even loves when I play with wire, it looks too much like yarn for her liking.

So what did I do? I hit the web, Pinterest, Amazon. I finally settled on these two items to start with:

The Clover "Hana-Ami" Flower Loom


The Martha Stewart Crafts Lion Brand Yarn Knit and Weave Loom Kit.

I was able to jump right in with the Hana-Ami flower loom and make flowers no problem.  Using yarn, wire, whatever you can wrap, knit, weave on the small loom -- it really is easy to figure out.

Some of my first flowers are shown here - one wrapped using their "Hana-Ami" directions out of wire and then sort of lazily darned best I could with yarn.   The Second was weaved on the loom out of just yarn.

The Martha Stewart loom is taking a bit more practice as I am actually attempting knitting on it.  It's taking me an adjustment period, playing around with getting the tension just right.  Still I am knitting.  I'm just not making anything yet -- more like making practice squares and rounds -- but that's so much better than I ever did with traditional knitting needles where I got exactly nothing done.

So far, I'm sold on looms.  We'll see if I feel that way in a week or two.  I lean more toward weaving as it's faster and easier, but the knitting is getting there, slowly.



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