26 May 2013

Destroying books

I have some books that I have to destroy due to how I received them (an advanced release program that does not allow transfers or even donations).  My preference would be donations to my local library but as they are advance copies and that is the policy I totally get their rules and well, I don't want to just trash or destroy them as in say burning them.  Still, I have too many books and need to get rid of many of them.  What's a girl to do with the ones she just does not want any longer?

Welcome to my craft supplies selection books!  Your deaths will not be in vain!

First up was really just a test to see how I could use the pages as basically um sort of paint/painting paper combo.  Instead of painting Lister cat onto paper I used the page to do his body then painted his face and spots on and also cut some hearts out and painted them.

Next up = I have a paper mache face mask that I am going to cover with poems and/or quotes I like -- which should both be frustrating and relaxing -- finding all of the words in these books.



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