05 March 2013

Repurposed halter top to purse

So for several years this halter top has been in my closet.  I don't wear it.  I couldn't bring myself to donate it in our numerous clothes donating sprees because I do like the fabric.  Never knew what I'd do with it.  I'm no expert sewer.  Still, I kept it.  Finally today my brain said "Do this with it", so I listened to my silly brain and figured I'd give it a shot.  I'm a purse addict, brain had said make a purse.

Didn't think to get step by step pics or even good pics but it was easy, almost no cutting, almost no supplies, etc.  Trust me, I'm a perma beginner sewer - straight lines are tough for me, etc etc.  I'll try to explain.

I took the sides of the top and stitched them to each other, once they were stitched together they were folded into the middle of the back (basically that became the new back so it was now half as wide as it had been).

I sewed a zipper to the bottom then sewed the other half of that to the shirt, about 90% of the way up. I turned that zippered section inside out (leaving the zipper open) and stitched up the sides (in my case this also meant stitching up over the zipper and trimming excesses as I didn't have a zipper on hand that was close to being the right size).   Then since you know I was smart enough to leave the zipper open I could turn the purse back to the right side.

Then oh, yeah.  I had the top left open -- in this case the top tapers off perfectly with a wooden circle, a thin leather string with beads around the wood circle so -- aha.  I cut the strap off at the circle, leaving the beads still on that circle. The strap I just put a few stitched in to be the strap.  Now the top folds over but well the inside of that is still open with the extra fabric from when I had folded and stitched the top in half (I wanted some extra weight to this lightweight top now that it would be a bag, without adding anything fusible, etc as I didn't think it could take it - hence doubling up the shirt).  So what to do?  In the end I decided to do nothing.  It kind of formed a lining / pocket area.

I should hit some thrift stores or something, being a sucky sewer / griping over patterns, etc... well... who knew turning old clothing into something was actually easier.



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