11 December 2012

CatToon Blankie

So I like to draw our kitties as CatToons (RIP Lister - he's still in the CatToons though). When our friend Misi announced she was having a baby, I figured I should make her something instead of just buying something generic. First thought was a blankie, though I had never made one before. Once I settled on that idea, I thought it should be Big Bird (mainly as a joke - she's the only person I know who is TERRIFIED of the Big Bird - if I hand made it for the baby she'd have to appreciate it, even if it gave HER nightmares it'd be for the baby). But I'm not that cruel even if it was an amusing idea for a minute. Then I realized the cats. She has a kitty that reminds me of Lister. So I started out with this:
As you can see, it's just a piece of fabric and cutouts of the kitties done on grocery bags. Eventually that turned into:
Yup yup, two fabric kitties done on plain Muslin. I used Derwent Inktense Watersoluble Ink Pencils to color the kitties, then set them with an iron. Of course, the real life Dutchie cat had to *ahem* help -- or just give her opinion of Lister being on HER blankie. Now the back of the blankie was easy to figure out. It was part of what inspired me to do a kitty blankie at all.
Yeah, Kitty Chronicles / Cat newsprint fabric for the back! Still I wasn't sure about the front. I couldn't just have the two cats at the bottom and leave it blank space. Then it hit me. Her name at the top, of course. But the middle? Oooh... their paw prints climbing up toward her name. Dutchie has sharp claws that never fully retract so she got sharp pointy ones. Lister was the sweeter rarely clawed you ones so rounder paws:



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