07 May 2012

Citra Solv Experiment

So after discovering Citra Solv, well I can't just stop at the one project can I?  Nope.  Event though it is not yet done, gotta experiment.

Sister person loves Marilyn Monroe.  Thought I'd push the limits and see how it'd work on a fabric necklace.

Mixed results, but that's my fault, I knew I was pushing it, hence using a pink scrap fabric I didn't care about ruining for this test:

The photo where it was just the white background turned out awesome.  The more realistically B&W photos with lots of black just kind of, well some of them did fight hard to work but weren't good enough for me to consider so now I know to search for the images with cleaner backgrounds if I want it to look its best.

I sort of expected this after trying another picture that was really ink intense but figured I'd give it a shot anyway.  It's not that it can't work, I just really don't want poor Marilyn lost in a necklace that will be all about her.



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