12 March 2012

I'm being brave!

I am not a sewer! Notice I didn't say seamstress. On purpose, that! I wish. No, I can only dream of that as I can barely sew a straight line... Okay, I can't even sew a straight line if I'm being honest. Still, I've made a couple of purses, including the one I currently use. A couple of notebook covers. And... Yeah that's about it. Sewing simple things together. Squares mostly. Time to try clothing! I told you, brave! Without a pattern. This is brave, more because I'm always half this size, half that size, etc. I figured it sounded scarier editing patterns than trying without one. So a teaser pic as I feel like hell and will take years to complete this dress. It will be simple, surely unflattering as darts terrify me to try first time out. But, we'll see hot it goes. I am smart enough to start with cheap fabric!
This is the beginning of the skirt.



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