24 October 2011

Sunflower Butterfly

So this morning as I was falling asleep, someone started calling my phone as I was half asleep.  Ignore it. If it's for me, it's probably mom and she'd leave a message or call back later, she knows my sleep schedule is screwy and changes a lot.  Stops ringing when it should go to voicemail.  Starts right back.  Repeat.  Okay I'll get up, must be important, right?  Wrong #.  Get back to bed.  Starts again.  And again.  Finally answer the phone with "Still the wrong number."  So, they try again, from a different phone number, then finally gave up.  I was awake and needed to draw something... Saw a kid on tv in a butterfly mask.  Yup Butterflies are happy enough to make me forget stupid people and ungrumpify me. By the time I was watering in the Inktense pencils, I passed out for real.  Yay!  Done on an ATC.



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