09 July 2011

Down the Mysterly River

Down the Mysterly River

Down the Mysterly River

Max "The Wolf" has two real loves: Boy Scouts and a good mystery. Both of these loves will be put to the test when he suddenly finds himself in a mysterious land full of woods where the animals not only speak but tell fantastic tales. This alone would make for big mystery since Max has no memory of how he got there, in fact many of his memories of his life before the mysterious woods seem a bit muddled. Oh, but then there's the group of people with blue swords who seem to want to cut he and his newfound friends into, well, something else entirely.

Will Max and all of his friends survive this adventure, make it to a place they believe to be safe, and find the answers they seek?

The talking animals feel more like real characters (that's not an insult as the book informs us) and not like someone just cashing in on the way overdone talking animal trend we've seen in movies of late. I'm fairly certain the author has met my cats.

This is definitely a book for book lovers. It is timeless an bound to become a classic. Loved it. 5/5 stars



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