25 July 2011

Don't forget to check this one out


Okay first off - I will disagree with those who say that if you read Milrose you must read this as I sent Milrose to my young nephew and even though he sometimes reads "adult" books instead of books meant for a younger audience, this would be beyond him. So while this is the same author who wrote Milrose please make no mistake - it's not for everyone who read and loved that book.

Now with that said, for the rest of us, I'm not even sure where to begin. The book itself sort of warns of that straight off, we'll forget. The book is about Izzy. Or a man with no memories struggling to figure out who he is before he gets married. Or a dysfunctional family. Or young girls who ended up going through way more than just typical heartbreak of youth. Or… well I forget.

While most try to compare books, even loosely, to others to give you an idea of what you'll get from lesser known books I'm not sure I can compare this book to another or explain it fairly. The best I can say is that I felt as though I were reading a coming of age flashback story (albeit with more serious issues than the usual rah rah stereotypical who will I take to the prom stuff) if told by Tyler Durden of Fight Club (okay I worked in another novel reference after all). You won't want to pick this one to just read a little here and there and get back to it later - as I said, you'll forget, or get lost, etc. It will mess with you even as you're reading it straight through, and that's a good thing. 5/5 stars



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