21 June 2011




In this, the second book in the Hex Hall series, Sophie is off to spend some time with dear old dad in England.

While there she has some things to think about… Whether or not she'll have those pesky powers of hers removed. Is it really possible that she loves that jerk Archer? What will she do about that whole betrothed to Cal thing? Just what does it mean to be a demon?

Of course there's the usual battles, misunderstandings, who can she trust and not trust. And yes -- it ends on a cliffhanger so major that this ends up feeling like half a story, so if you hate that sort of thing in a book (which I do) you might want to wait for the next book to come out and just get them together.

It's a decent story and a fast read. Consistent with the feeling of the first book. No real surprises. Still fun. I just had to knock it down to three stars for being almost TOO predictable and really feeling like half a story. If you can't make me feel like I completed something at the end, it's a let down. 3/5 stars



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