06 June 2011

Half a Faerie box

So last night I was in soooo much pain, could barely move but wanted to be productive. In all of my packing, I found this paper-mache box that looks like a book I’d bought erm I dunno when, years ago and thought to myself ‘ooooh that’s make an awesome pencil box for my desk and would take up way less room than the huge can I have up there now but would probably hold just as many pencils’. Sooo I wondered if I could redraw the half a faerie on it same way I had drawn her on the sketch book as I wouldn’t be able to erase on this. Also I wasn’t sure that the watercolour inktense pencils would work on paper-mache would work? But done carefully they did. So my new pencil box, I didn’t bother making the inside look painted for probably obvious reasons:



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