10 May 2011



There is this movie Marwencol and there is the city of Marwencol made by Mark Hogancamp. I'd give this movie 4 stars but Mark and his city 5 or more if I could.

Let's start with Mark and his city. He was beaten so badly that well I'm surprised he's with us today. Why? Because he said the wrong thing in a bar about himself - or so the five men who beat him claim. Mark has no real recollection of this as the beating stole his memories and therefore most of his life from him.

He's nursed back to life in the hospital - to a point. Eventually he learns there is no more insurance and therefore no help for him and he's basically alone in the world with a body and brain that still need help. So he does what many people do, uses art as therapy. Unlike what many people do, he took it to an all new level, creating his own town: Marwencol. Dolls, model kits, pieces of wood laying around - whatever he has and seems to fit into his storyline. He takes pictures of his various scenes. Oh and obviously along the way he gets discovered.

I'd give the movie the extra star except that it seems to struggle at times unsure of how to mix Mark's previous life, beating, and new life together. Did it want to tell us about who he was before all of this? About the beating at all? I am glad they made Mark and not the criminals the focus - he did that for himself by creating Marwencol, usually the bad guys get the focus. Still the movie didn't seem to know how to handle the incident. Part of this odd do we mix in all of the pieces or not feeling could be attributed to Mark himself having lost his memory and slowly getting some of it back in pieces. On the other hand they had resources beyond just Mark and were piecing it all together fine when they wanted to - so it left me a little confused.

Still I was inspired enough by it all that I ran off to the Marwencol web site and found that I could donate to the cause (as of the time of this review he's not selling his art but is accepting supplies). Needless to say, the same day I saw the movie (yesterday) I sent a few pieces that will hopefully inspire Mark back the way he inspired me and maybe make their way into Marwencol someday. 4/5 stars



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