07 April 2011

I Love You Phillip Morris [Blu-ray]

I Love You Phillip Morris [Blu-ray]

I Love You Phillip Morris [Blu-ray]

First off - please do read up on what you're watching. Make no mistakes on this one - The main character is gay. He kisses the love of his life. They have sex. If you're flat out homophobic or are "tolerant, but don't want to see it" pass on this one as you will hate it or at least be uncomfortable as every truly negative review I've seen everywhere seems to focus on that aspect of the movie.

Now that we're beyond that, the movie itself is loosely based on a true story. How loosely based? I'm not sure, this has to be somewhat exaggerated, though the more I watched of the movie and the more unbelievable it seemed the more I got a very vague "Hm, this does seem a little familiar" kind of feeling. And man oh man is there an aspect or two of this story so unbelievable that you'll wonder how anyone around our hero/villain didn't notice that something was wrong.

See Steven is a con man - so good of one that he fools judges, cops, correction officers, business leaders, lovers, just everyone in sight really. Getting caught is always just a minor set back. Then he meets Phillip Morris and realizes he needs to settle down and change his ways. But once a con man always a con man, thing is the cons just keep getting bigger and bigger which makes them harder to pull off.

Make no mistakes Steven is a bad guy. He steals a lot, he seems to say it hurts no one but someone's got pay for what he's taking. So he's no hero. And yet the way Jim Carrey portrays him, makes you root for the guy. He shows us how big of buffoons the good guys can be. The people he fools? They seem to always seem to be victims more in the sense of "Ouch my poor ego, how could I have fallen for this guy" whether he was a business associate or a lover. And the criminal justice system? Well frankly there's a part of you that will likely walk away feeling like they punished him more for making fools of them than for his crimes. This is probably why I ended up wanting to root for him, I kept feeling like it was the systems fault for letting him get away with his tricks over and over again. 4/5 stars



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