25 April 2011




We all know how teen girls are: a bit overdramatic at times, so sure that high school life is the worst thing they'll live through.

In Pierce's case, it might just be true seeing as how she's already died once - and that appears to be just the beginning of her problems.

There's also the whole being the new kid in town thing. Being in the "special" program at school. Having a local family that everyone knows about. People around her dying suddenly . Her parents high profile divorce. Her dad's higher profile business. Oh yeah and death (or someone like him) seems to be a little upset by her return to life and would like her back in his world, so he may just may be stalking her and yet he's only making himself known to her when she's in serious trouble.

Debating between 4 and 5 stars and finally settling on 5 though it's probably more like 4 1/2 as it felt like some (perhaps a lot of) character interaction was just flat out missing, the story itself made up for it and somehow it kept me reading and reading anyway, enough so that I already want the second book. 5/5 stars



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