18 April 2011

I Am Not Her

Been awhile since I’d written poems… or whatever… by awhile, I mean years. This one just came to me so yay! No inspiration, unlike older ones that usually did get inspired by someone / something. Posting it here instead of on my LJ as anything artsy / crafty / whatever seems to go here.

I Am Not Her…

I Remember when
We were gonna be
The Children of Julia
We’d taste our way around
A gourmet universe
Until that day in my backyard
You pulled a slug
Out of a shell
Asked if I knew
What Escargot was
I cried and cried
‘Til I was blue
My mom ordered
A pizza for two
That was your ultimate plan
I’m not her, I’m not her, I’m not her
I’m not your Julia

Took a few years
For our next scheme
But I remember when
We found our scene
We were gonna be
Art world dahlings
We’d be too hip
For our own good
You’d sing a song
I’d sell a painting
We’d see more movies
Than Ebert
Could dream of
Until that day
You smashed your only guitar
And told me that I smiled too often
To ever paint a masterpiece
I’d never sleep with anyone
‘Cept maybe just the one
I’d never lose a body part
Who’d take me seriously
After my death or even before
I’m not her, I’m not her, I’m not her
I’m not your Frida
Not even Georgia
No, I’m not her

You said that I should
Wear a dress
Just like hers
If I ever got the chance to
She was a rebel before women could be
But do you forget
How she lost her head
Over a piece of cake
In a flavor she never cared for
In the end
I’m not your friend
I’m not your queen
I’m not your Marie Antoinette
I’m not her, I’m not her, I’m not her

See I’d do a lot of things for you
Eat my way around the world
Watch every film they ever made
And some they never did
But if you ask me to emulate her
That’s where I draw the line
‘Cause I am not her
No I am not her
It’s good enough
Or it’s not
But it is what it is
Because I am not her



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