24 March 2011

The Virgin Suicides Movie

The Virgin Suicides

The Virgin Suicides

When one girl in a family of girls commits suicide, the parents decide the way to protect the others is to become just a wee bit strict. I've see some reviews that imply this is a movie bashing religion - we can assume that religion plays a role in their lives. Their priest does makes an appearance or two in their home. Religious images do hang on doors and walls here and there. However it doesn't seem the priest was invited, he just kind of shows up to check on them and no one seems very interested in his presence. Aside from saying grace at the dinner table, there's little talk of religion. There's no religious extremist 24/7 religion religion religion stuff that I almost expected given some of the reviews I read. No, this is not that.

Instead this is a family of girls. We see hints that the father wants them to shine, to be like other girls. The mother, however, sees how the boys are starting to look at them. She's already lost one girl. She caves once and lets them go out (together, where daddy will be). It goes okay, mostly - except the one girl who doesn't show up at home on time (we're talking next day late). Can't risk losing another girl, so lockdown it is. No school. No records. No nothin',

The boys on their street haven't forgotten them though. They watch them. Spy really. Stalk? And they try to get anything of theirs they can, to piece together their lives. To see what is becoming of the girls - especially important to the boys after the girls have died. They need to know who they really were. Why each and every one of them suicided. Why they are all gone. It's not like they weren't all loved by all of the boys.

The only people in this movie who seem to understand anything about the world are the ones who seem to acknowledge they don't understand much - the aforementioned boys. The adults use the death of the girls as gossip fodder or at their worst as joke material. The older teen boys use the girls as conquests. The girls (both the suicided one and the those left behind in their town) don't seem to understand anything but how to self-destruct (you can see it in their eyes they say). 5/5 Stars



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