27 March 2011

Stingray, Stingray!

Stingray - The Complete Series
Stingray - The Complete Series

Anything can happen in the next half hour? It usually didn't but who cares? Sure the W.A.S.P. (World Aquanaut Security Patrol) crew might meet an underwater version of an alien creature or a bad guy who knows all about the oh so top secret Marineville and wants to destroy it (for unknown reasons since really the fine folk at Marineville always seems to help them out) but really the action in the end just kind of zips by and often the height of the action isn't even shown. Doesn't matter. It's still an addicting must see show.

From the theme song with virtually no words that you'll remember (you will be singing Stingray… Stingray… a lot) to the drum beat warning sounds to the bumbling clumsy bad guys who use magical makeup that changes their whole appearance to the fact that our heroes always visit the bad guys house (lair?) and never recognize it the next time -- this is all just too good. Cheesy may not be the right word as it really was different for its time and its something between a kids show and a general all age show. While cheesy might be too strong of a word, it's also not exactly something you can take too seriously. Still it does build itself around storylines that are generic enough and timeless that they still hold up today: oil at sea being handled not so well, oceanlife and modern human needs conflicting with one another, governments being overthrown, etc. And yeah, for the adults there is what appears to be a love triangle, it's just that it is more implied than truly explored as a true storyline.

Also, you must watch the behind the scenes feature. It will make you appreciate this show even more. Much like the 3D of today, these guys and gals spent hours and hours and days and days to get even the smallest thing to look as good as it did. So while some people today might be a little surprised to see puppet strings and find the whole show lower production value by today's standards, it's really an amazing piece of tv history (including being the first show of its kind in color). 5/5 stars + the best of the Gerry Anderson shows.



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