03 March 2011

Milrose Munce and the Plague of Toxic Fungus

Milrose Munce and the Plague of Toxic Fungus
Milrose Munce and the Plague of Toxic Fungus

Milrose and Arabella are back. Still talking to the air in front of them. Or so most people think. Yup, they're still considered freaks and outcasts. The world at large still completely unaware of just how much the two did for them (if YOU don't know, STOP! See Milrose Munce and the Den of Professional Help (Extended Edition) - really otherwise this book will just remind you of a story told elsewhere and wouldn't you like to know?).

The few who don't find this dynamic duo odd? Well they're dead. They're the air that the two are talking to. Okay, maybe they are even a few wise (or not so wise) among the living who know the truth and/or accept them as they are. Kitty Muell, for example, Arabella's biggest fan (besides Milrose, of course). Caroline Corduroy, the principal.

When the usual cast starts to notice something odd - like the fact that the chalkboards are no longer green for the normal reason, but instead because plants are growing from them, Milrose gets a little concerned. More so when Arabella starts acting odd(er). The principal goes missing. And the evil Loosten is suddenly smack dab in the middle of everything… again. And that's just the beginning… I wouldn't want to spoil too much for you, now would I?

Can Milrose and his dead buddies save the school and come out of this one alive (and dead as the case may be?).

This book is listed in children's books - and it is. But even if you don't love those or "YA" books (which I do), you'd probably still find this one a bit different. It's smarter than the usual children's series. Yes it uses the occasional big word. There are things in it that adult readers would probably notice well before younger readers would (the author insulting his own name). But basically, there's something for everyone here which is why I've not only bought this series for myself but also my mom and little nephew. Yeah, it's that good. 5/5 stars



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