24 March 2011

Dorian Blues

Dorian Blues
Dorian Blues

You can't be straight if you're a chicken….

Dorian has a problem. He realizes he's gay and isn't sure he wants to be. He does have a supportive brother, so there's that. He's discovered a counselor - a gay one that assures him he's fine. But Dorian wants kids. So there's church and the Bible. That'll fix him. Or the stripper will.

Or maybe there's just reality. The reality that he didn't have a choice. He is who and what he is. There's the reality that he has to tell his dad because he isn't hiding anymore. Of course Dad is old school (this takes place in the 70s) - think Archie Bunker meets Red Foreman of That 70s Show. Dad sees Dorian as the lesser son already. He's not athletic like his brother. He once dared to question his dad's political tirades. Dorian has a poster of JFK in his room. He's clearly a moron. Dad is always right. Dad knows being gay is a choice and an immoral one at that. Dorian pretty much hated his father before he knew he even realized that he was gay. His mother is spacey and oblivious. But Dorian is about to head off to NYU, to the best city in the world, especially for a boy like him. So hey, even if telling dad goes as bad as he expects it will, who cares? The time is now.

But sometimes life doesn't go how you expect it to. Well, except for telling dad. That is, of course, a disaster.

Not really a comedy. Not really a drama. Much like real life, it's a tad of everything. Having watched friends in my lifetime have to drop out of school over similar situations, feeling as though they have to move, etc this one hits a bit close to home. It's not really a "gay story" though I can see the anti-gay folk not appreciating this movie. It is more about being who you are, trying to find yourself, family problems, life in general. Dorian's issues in life just happened to stem from the fact that he is gay and wanted so desperately to find acceptance from others (especially his dad). So while yes, it hits home to those of us who love people who have gone through this and yes I realize I am sort of contradicting myself here - it is definitely a movie for people who care about gay issues but it's also totally NOT about that at the same time and if you're someone who is willing to just accept gay and straight characters both then it's really just a life story that anyone who has been a little lost could relate to. 5/5 stars



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