15 February 2011

The Fall

The Fall

The Fall

Right so the story is actually pretty simple - Stunt man is injured and ends up in the same hospital as a little girl. Little girl is basically adorable but also the nosy neighbor busy body of the hospital. Instead of playing with the kids her own age, she's always hopping from adult to adult doing what kids do best - asking "Why?" and getting in the way, exploring things they shouldn't explore, but smiling a smile that makes the adults forget the kid is in the way.

The stunt man, unable to get up and do his own dirty work figures this little girl is the perfect person to do it for him. He takes her in as his new best friend. Tells her stories. Gains her trust. All in an attempt to trick her into getting him the pills he needs to end it all. But in life things don't always go as planned.

It has all I could want in a movie -

Character interaction so good that the movie relies heavily on even while having other tricks up its sleeve (in this case stunning graphics) - check

Beautifully filmed - check

Even the aspects that you feel have been done before (c'mon nothing is 100% original) do feel new in the movie - check

Really it grabbed my full attention and didn't let go. I'm recommending that everyone I know see it. 5/5 stars



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