09 February 2011

Doctor Who: The Movie (Special Edition)

Doctor Who: The Movie (Special Edition)

Doctor Who: The Movie (Special Edition)

As a new Doctor fan who hasn't seen the Classic stuff, I immediately picked up on what this was... some sort of in between. I also got an odd feeling. It's part BBC Doctor Who and part "Hollywood". I didn't really look to see who worked on this movie, but if wasn't Hollywood studios I'll be surprised. I've got nothing against Hollywood when they do their thing, but there are some things that just don't work as a Hollywood production or with a Hollywood feel. Doctor Who isn't their thing.

The Doctor is put in charge of getting The Master's remains back to Gallifrey. The remains get loose, hijack a human body and, of course, all hell breaks loose just in time for Y2K. The Doctor and his human doctor must make things right less we face a real end of the world doomsday scenario. And that's where the Hollywood feel comes into play. Big car chases through San Francisco freeways (complete with chickens blocking traffic). Big glitzy parties that the doctor's companion can just happen to get into when the doctor doesn't have his aliens tools handy. Etc.

The doctor was great. The Tardis was great. Everything else was just okay and would not have worked in the series, not today anyway.

I don't really like most Hollywood Sci-fi or most action movies... the feel in those movies that makes me not like them was all here. But there's just enough of what makes Doctor Who, well, Doctor Who to allow me to still give it 3 stars. It's okay. Just don't expect great things from it. If you want great and haven't yet been introduced to Doctor Who, skip this and go straight to the modern tv show. 3/5 stars



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