25 November 2010

I'm Still Here [Blu-ray]

I'm Still Here [Blu-ray]
I'm Still Here [Blu-ray]

I went into this really really hoping it'd be five stars. The concept is, in my opinion, five stars. It just feels as though either editing or the execution itself - something falls a little short.

Joaquin Phoenix announces rather casually that he's done with acting and then becomes "JP", a rapper. Because, you know, he's tired of being what Hollywood and his fans and everyone else wants him to be - he wants to be real.

*spoiler alert that's not really one if you know anything about this movie or read the news or read other reviews* As the movie was released Casey Afleck admitted it was a "hoax". In other words Joaquin was playing… um Joaquin the basketcase lost Hollywood young star who'd given it all up to be "JP" for a year so they could film this. He was a character basically 24/7. Sadly the best of the best stuff they captured took place in public and was already seen long before the film came out. The Letterman appearance. The rap shows that were viral video hits.

I was so sure that if people had any problems with this, it'd be because they'd remembered how his brother died. You know, see this as some sort of shocking choice for him. Instead they seemed upset that he fooled them all. Or that people who knew about it LET him do this. Or that people who didn't know it was "a hoax" didn't try to save him. In the end all of those criticisms make me think they should have never admitted it was an act. The people who "got it" would have appreciated it for what it was, but the others? Well yeah, let them wonder. People should be asking those questions. So Joaquin was *gasp* acting. Perhaps even over the top. But read the "Entertainment" section of any news site and you see these stories for real all of the time. Not exactly entertaining and not exactly handled correctly most of the time.

So yeah, good concept, some good to brilliant performances. Just a bit slow and not totally pulled together as well as I'd hoped. 3/5 stars



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