10 September 2010

Quark - The Complete Series

Quark - The Complete Series
Quark - The Complete Series

I'm not a big sci-fi fan but my boyfriend is. I do however like a good sci-fi comedy, so when I saw this recommended based on other movies and tv shows I thought well I'll just rent it as it seems like something both of us could agree on.

In the end I think the both of us did agree "It's no Red Dwarf". The concept and descriptions are, in our opinions, much better than the actual execution.

We have The Head - just what his name implies, a giant head that appears on a screen. He's the big boss. Palindrome - he's Quark's immediate boss, running the base where Quark is stationed and acting as the intermediate between The Head and Quark and the others. Ficus - a Vegeton aka a plant in human form, very Spock like personality wise (he replaces a professor from the pilot episode, luckily - as that character didn't quite work). Andy - the robot who gets one of the best scenes of the series but otherwise is pretty annoying. The Betties - one Betty is the "real Betty" and one is a clone, they spend the series fighting over which is which. Gene/Jean - a transmute, both male and female, more male than female but switching at random potentially leading to interesting situations. And last but not least, Quark. Ahh Quark - the space garbage man who complains a lot about garbage duty and yet realizes if he wants to get ahead and someday end up with a real ship he needs to play nice and do everything that is asked of him, work his way up through the ranks. He also somehow almost never really ends up picking up garbage but instead ends up in the worst of the worst situations and never really gets credit for that.

Sounds fun, right? It sort of is. Still as we watched we couldn't help but feel as though the person who came up with the idea handed it over to people who didn't quite follow through properly. We'd find ourselves saying "If they'd done this instead…" The show just started to get into its groove as it ended, so it's really hard to judge what they could have really done with it. 3/5 stars



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