04 September 2010


So I drew her with the uber awesome pencils mom sent me. Gotta admit when mom said she was sending me watercolor pencils I thought “That’s nice” as I’ve used watercolor pencils in the past just as colored pencils and they sucked. But these rock. They’re the Derwent Inktense ones. I have the 12 pack. I told Brian I might have to make a trip to Dick Blick soon to stock up on paper, buy a bigger set of these, and buy some fabric medium (you can use these on fabric too and my fabric and stuffing has arrived). All of that said, he’s what I drew / painted last night –

So I drew her and did the water / painting over the pencils. I was going to try to make it look as though her tail was popping out of the water and her arms hiding in the water or turning into the water as I hate hate hate trying to draw even cartoon’y bodies (though Brian says I’m improving). Never quite made that work though Brian said leaving the arms that way worked he took over and did the black part to just connect the tail as he thought that worked better, doing the full tail instead of hiding it under the water. He also did he black ink tracing. So it’s a joint piece though he refused to take credit and gave me full artistic credit claiming he’s just a tracer and I did all of the hard work, even if he did make part of the tail.


DelusionalAngel said...

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September 18th, 2010 - 6:49 pm
Yeah I get it right once in awhile, glad you like them


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