10 August 2010

Tracking the Tempest

Tracking the Tempest
Tracking the Tempest (Jane True)

This, the follow up to Tempest Rising, is sort of a mixed bag. On the one hand the overall story is pretty dang good. Even the supe characters are for the most part pretty believable. On the other hand some of the dialog seems awkward which is sad as the rest of it felt really natural, but that awkward dialog really does hurt the story flow. Some of the actions seem to contradict others, not many - they mostly involve is Jane powerful or weak which can be chalked up to Jane still being a newbie in the supes world. Still some of the discrepancies seem awkward.

I felt this book wasn't as good as the first, but still it's a series to watch as it's still good and definitely has potential to get better again. 4/5 stars



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