30 July 2010

Forgiving the Franklins

Forgiving the Franklins
Forgiving the Franklins

The gist of the plot here is pretty simple - the Franklins are a very religious, church going family. The type of family that is very active in the community. In fact, they're on their way to one of their many community obligations when they're in a serious car accident. Three of the four (the hubby, wife, and son) experience some divine intervention while in their comas. The daughter? Well, she's not lucky enough to end up in a coma…

The negative reviews I've seen of this film seem to just state it's an attack on Christianity - so don't watch it. You could see it as that, if that's what you want to see. Personally, I didn't see it as that. Just as in real life, there were both "good" and "bad" Christians in this movie.

Instead I saw this as a movie showing that we confuse concepts like faith, religion, church -- intermingling them as though we could say they're all the same thing when they're not necessarily. It exposed hypocrites. Examined how different people, some even of the same religion or faith and belonging to the same church may have different views on things. It questioned how the pact mentality of people can damage things like churches / other social structures when the members do disagree on issues.

The only negative for me was that there were times when some of the dialogue and acting seemed a little - eh, flat? Dull? Forced? I'm not sure what it was exactly but something was just a little off somehow. Still, that said, if you're not offended by nudity and "bad" words I'd definitely give it a chance and look beyond the so called attacks on Christianity. 4/5 stars



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