10 July 2010


(I’ve been asked to post this by Douglas Anthony Cooper, the author of
Milrose Munce and the Den of Professional Help)

Dear Readers,

This is your chance to be mortalized.

In honor of Poisoned Percy, whose rancid poetry has gained him quite a
following among the tasteless, Milrose Munce hereby regrets to
announce The Percival Poisonous Poetry Prize. This is a lot like the
Nobel Prize, except that it’s worth a fair bit less, and you have to
do much less impressive things to win it. In fact, it’s arguably more
of an insult than an honor.

The weekly winner of this sordid affair will receive a signed first
edition of Milrose Munce and the Den of Professional Help: one of
those oddly rare Doubleday hardcovers that is currently selling for
obscene amounts on Amazon. (The author has a few extra copies hanging
around, and even though he likes the book well enough, he’s read it a
few times and is prepared to share.)

Ideally, entries should be less than 700 pages. Please email your
loathsome compositions to milrosemunce@gmail.com

Winners will be announced, and quoted at length, and otherwise
humiliated at: http://www.milrosemunce.blogspot.com



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